When you need to provide a lot of information about your product or service in a compact form and do it impressively you turn to the Brochure. A great looking brochure can make you and a bad one can break you.

Brochures come in a variety of sizes, 11x17, 5.5x11, 11x25 to name a few and more different configurations than you can shake a stick at (see chart above).

There are also a wide assortment of finishes from glossy to matte and a number of paper weights and materials. Quantities usually run from 250 and up.

Seriously, a well-designed great looking brochure requires a professional touch and we have done a lot of them. What you see here is just a general guideline. For more information on designing and printing your brochure contact us from our Contact Page or call us at (615) 449-3490.

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